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Our History


About us?



The tradition of the Cerdà-Bosch’s family in this restaurant dates back to the late 1960s, when Jordi Cerdà Enseñat and Margarita Bosch Muntaner together with their children Toni, Jordi and Pedro opened the Coral Bar Restaurant, a family establishment located on Calle Formentor next to Paseo Vora Mar (“Pine Walk”) in the idyllic town of Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca.

The first generation is formed by Jordi and his wife Margarita. Jordi was one of the first fishermen in Puerto de Pollensa who went out to work every day to provide fresh fish to the family and the bar. Margarita, his wife, with the enthusiasm and passion for Mediterranean cuisine, began to delight the first diners with her delicious food.

Originally they functioned as a small Family Bar. Offering drinks to the few visitors who came to town. Margarita began offering small tapas of the food that she cooked for her family. Over time, and a lot of work well done, the bar-restaurant was consolidated until establishing itself as a reference restaurant in the town of Puerto Pollensa.

Jordi and Margarita, First generation of the Coral Bar Restaurant
Family in 1978. Jordi and Margarita with Jordi Jr. and his wife Ana. Coral Bar Restaurant


In the early 1970s, the Coral Bar Restaurant was a very small place and tourism was progressively growing in the Puerto de Pollença. Simultaneously, the family grew and times changed, so Jordi and Margarita continue to supervise the day-to-day of the establishment, but this is when the second generation formed by Jordi son, together with his wife Aina, and Pedro, together with his wife Isabel joined the front of the restaurant, building what is now the Coral Bar Restaurant.

In the first years Jordi son was alternating the work of a carpenter with the help in the family business. On the other hand, Pedro, the youngest son, along with his sister-in-law Aina, were the ones who were in charge of defining the restaurant’s personality: the friendly and personal treatment and the family and varied food based on top-quality products.

Thus, the Coral Bar Restaurant was the perfect place to eat well, quickly and at a good price. And also, a meeting and fun place for all those friends that the family has been making throughout these wonderful years.




It is in the 80s when the Cerdà – Bosch’s family proliferated with the third generation. On the one hand, Jordi and Aina have two children, Jordi and Cristina. And on the other hand, Pedro and Isabel have three daughters, Alicia, Vanessa and Isabel.

During the 80s and 90s, the grandchildren of Jordi and Margarita grew up around the Coral Bar Restaurant, playing and sharing with the friends-clients who had been forged in the previous years and who repeated year after year. The third generation is steeped in the culinary knowledge of the Grandma Margarita who develops typical Mallorcan dishes based on fresh and seasonal products in the stoves of the Restaurant. They also observe the parents’ experience in taking care of the smallest detail in the Restaurant and in the exquisite treatment of the friends who come to the Restaurant.

All this knowledge acquired through years of living with the other two generations is applied by Jordi and Cristina as well as Alicia and Vanessa in their work at the Coral Bar Restaurant.

Pedro and Aina in 2012. Coral Bar Restaurant. Puerto Pollensa

Family in the Restaurant

Aina Vila

Aina Vila

Second generation of the family. Married to Jordi Cerdà. He is the member of the family who has spent the most time in charge of the Restaurant. She knows perfectly the ins and outs of the business and she is passionate about her work. Her hospitality is recognized by all clients.

Jordi Cerdà

Jordi Cerdà

Second generation of the family. Son of Jordi and Margarita. Jordi has more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. He administers and manages the restaurant without neglecting his fondness for golf and typical “berenars” in the north of Mallorca.

Vanessa Cerdà

Vanessa Cerdà

Third generation of the family. Daughter of Pedro and Isabel. Vanessa has cooking and baking studies. He has been in the family business for more than 10 years and treasures the cooking of family recipes. She is passionate about animals and loves to spend time with her friends.

Jordi Cerdà

Jordi Cerdà

Third generation of the family. Son of Jordi and Aina. Jordi has Geography studies, but destiny has led him to continue in the family business. He works for the client and in his spare time he practices all kinds of outdoor sports and organizes his next trips.